An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, … Continue reading An easy win

[Free download] The guide to mobile app onboarding

In the mobile apps world, this is one of the common topics that I receive tens of questions for. No single marketing or start ups business gathering, where this topic doesn't come up. If not the tea cup chitchat, then it is the "no pun intended" subject for jokes.Mobile apps experience and Onboarding are the … Continue reading [Free download] The guide to mobile app onboarding

You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. " How can I be good in digital marketing?". News:      I am scoring my 25,000 digital … Continue reading You are the new rock star

Anticipation Is The Core Of Marketing Automation

Guide your customers to a journey you draw to achieve your marketing objectives smartly

Capturing NOW

Video Live Streaming is empowering the realtime scene, what others types of media Live Streaming will bring in the near future?

7 Tips to Change Customer Feedback into Sales

Measure Sarah's satisfaction in each and every communication channel she uses to talk to you

Here is a Successful Content Production Plan

Now probably it is one of the heavily searched-for keywords and phrases online. As you can see there are more than (read the number above it is big isn’t it ? ) search results associated with this topic. Why do you think it is this important and massive? Marketers realize how important it is and … Continue reading Here is a Successful Content Production Plan

Websites receive 65% Mobile traffic in Saudi Arabia

Wow, seriously #Wow  , I was chatting with one of the local fashion designers houses in Jeddah , and they basically stated clearly, that they have grown 80% from last year after establishing Instagram presence. Now they have clients not only from Jeddah but also from Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and UAE. Do you see … Continue reading Websites receive 65% Mobile traffic in Saudi Arabia

Mobile Marketing Strategy

I was at one of the restaurants in Riyadh and while being seated, four young boys were entering the restaurant at the same time and they were chatting and laughing loudly. I sat on my table and started browsing through the menu then I realized that all of a sudden the laughter and loud chats … Continue reading Mobile Marketing Strategy

Why SEO is so important to your business

Is your business findable? It's been amazing how the interlinked web networks and social platforms are evolving in the past few months. The shift of Power from organizations to consumer has changed many of principles of publishing in the Internet. For blogs, online news journals, social media networks and content marketing strategies are all affected. … Continue reading Why SEO is so important to your business