How to innovate in content marketing

Creating content marketing ideas that sell... Happy New Year, next is the outlook of the new year, marketing strategies and targets to be locked, this is common across most organizations. It is imperative that such plans cover the digital marketing activities. To be fully set to welcome the new year. I was lucky to sit … متابعة القراءة How to innovate in content marketing

You need customer’s permission

My first time reading this book was in 2003 and after few years I had to buy it again, but as an audio book. At that time I used to work two different jobs at the same time and one of them was mainly selling online website services and this book helped us coin our … متابعة القراءة You need customer’s permission

My Birthday Book

On my birthday back in 2011  -  10th of  May I was at NOKIA house in Finland for the first time. Back then was the Social Media Summit for the Digital Rock stars, so it was a good chance to meet the Digital NOKIA team from all over the world. Of course I used that … متابعة القراءة My Birthday Book