Facebook is back

I was reading through my rss feed recently and found this amazing article by social media examiner with Mari Smith about the facebook updates and how organic can be resurrected. While many talk about facebook being useless in the region I believe there is a chance to sparkle and be awesome while your competition is … متابعة القراءة Facebook is back

What do You Miss as a marketer About Brand Values

People are keen on keeping a good reputation, and thats how things work among humans. At least the majority of them. In a real life scenario, for us in saudi Arabia, and as a guy, if you want to get married, the first thing her father checks, is your reputation , family and then what do … متابعة القراءة What do You Miss as a marketer About Brand Values

7 Tips to Change Customer Feedback into Sales

Measure Sarah's satisfaction in each and every communication channel she uses to talk to you

Stop Bitching about Facebook-is-dead Story

This idea was inspired by this post at Business Insider… It is the trend now , most people complain about Facebook declining organic reach in their business pages. The bottom line of this story is that most people continue to broadcast their content same way since they have started using Facebook. Old habits vs Behavioral … متابعة القراءة Stop Bitching about Facebook-is-dead Story

How to innovate in content marketing

Creating content marketing ideas that sell... Happy New Year, next is the outlook of the new year, marketing strategies and targets to be locked, this is common across most organizations. It is imperative that such plans cover the digital marketing activities. To be fully set to welcome the new year. I was lucky to sit … متابعة القراءة How to innovate in content marketing

Why SEO is so important to your business

Is your business findable? It's been amazing how the interlinked web networks and social platforms are evolving in the past few months. The shift of Power from organizations to consumer has changed many of principles of publishing in the Internet. For blogs, online news journals, social media networks and content marketing strategies are all affected. … متابعة القراءة Why SEO is so important to your business

The Magic of Happiness

How can you make your customers happy?      Last August I was at Inbound13 conference in Boston. I was lucky to have an extra day to spend going around the city. During that I stopped by a restaurant near the Memorial park and the food and the service were great. I did over tip the … متابعة القراءة The Magic of Happiness

Why The Social Hub of Excellence

The social hub of excellence is the operation center for brands to excel in social. I have looked at couple of proposals for social media and community management in different settings; from local and multinational agencies servicing in Saudi Arabia. What was apparently not present for such offerings was the post (content calendar and ideas … متابعة القراءة Why The Social Hub of Excellence

LOVE stays Technology Dies

With the rise of the marketers sudden interest in people! The 1000% focus on conversation and storytelling theories on the social web, the chaos is on WHAT not WHY. Brands focus more on what systems and content publishing solution more than the resulting outcome and human social engagement. In different marketing venues inside organizations we … متابعة القراءة LOVE stays Technology Dies

Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media

Food business fast or healthy, is a lucrative one . Although there are around 60% of newly opened ones close or go out of business in the first year. Looking at any city in Saudi Arabia today, there are many different burger restaurants and diners. Some of them locals and others are international chains. This … متابعة القراءة Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media