Mobile Marketing Strategy

I was at one of the restaurants in Riyadh and while being seated, four young boys were entering the restaurant at the same time and they were chatting and laughing loudly. I sat on my table and started browsing through the menu then I realized that all of a sudden the laughter and loud chats … Continue reading Mobile Marketing Strategy

How Can Industry Local Blogs win

Abdullah’s Ideas for Local Industry Blogs Photography, Gadgets, Gaming, Lifestyle and others.. Facts      Working in the Gadgets and consumer electronics industry, blogs and bloggers are important elements in the equation and that is a reality today. Part of that interesting holy mission I am after, is to check the blog’s Brand, community, content and … Continue reading How Can Industry Local Blogs win

Vine Vs. Instagram :what is the best?

Micro-vlogging strategy ? We have seen Instagram announcing the video feature, where users can record a video and enhance it with filters then post it. Discussions went abundant on what is best Vine or Instagram? Many speculation against this update and whether this is a killer for Vine (a service for short video format, that … Continue reading Vine Vs. Instagram :what is the best?