Eid is for Winners

Hey Champion

Eid is the big Yaaaay moment for kids, the climax, the BOOM moment of the season, and it is the PRIZE for achievers. In religion, cultural contexts and in business, winning is always best as an outcome of a bloody battle. It usually ends a long hectic season. One of my favorites was always watching the champagne fountains; Sebastian Vettel  (F1 Champion) shaking the bottle and kaboooommm champagne sprinkles on everyone and is mixed with joyous tears. The trick is that, he keeps driving on a blazing speed (over 300KM/H) for around 3 hours laser focused on every move and track/car detail. A single blink would cost him the game and his life.

a F1 ChampionYou are making the hard call on your life decisions, what should start and what should be scraped forever. Who is your partner and who is your competitor, what is a good idea to pursue or bad to ignore, all these are your daily life battles that you have to go through. Yet it is no different for you and for the super successful people out there, F1 champion, successful entrepreneur or the funny youtube comedian, who has over than 200,000 subscribers. Focus, and shipping on time are the 2 triggers that make the difference and clearly show who cuts it through and who doesn’t. You will see many people share the same passion and interest, but only few make it and go BIG. Do you know what the reason is? It is just because they follow this simple formula, Focus and Ship on time.

Eid break is your Pit stop to fix, recharge and comeback to madness again. You are driving your soul to meet this moment; All of us are striving to achieve something, personal, for-family or even business. And as Chris Brogan says “It is not About the Tights (superman’s or batman’s uniforms)”, we don’t need to be super-heroes with superpowers or did this many times to understand how to WIN.

Happy Eid for you, and go WIN the champagne sprinkles.


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