Here is a Successful Content Production Plan

Now probably it is one of the heavily searched-for keywords and phrases online.


As you can see there are more than (read the number above it is big isn’t it ? ) search results associated with this topic. Why do you think it is this important and massive? Marketers realize how important it is and how their businesses need it so badly to be engaging and relevant. At least this is what I think and I hope it is this big because most marketers believe the same. Yet the trick here is about the way you do it and the way you look at content. For some they see this as the next big thing to talk about after social media and mobile and will find ways to abuse it as usual.

Value is the important aspect of all marketing efforts directed toward doing business with people, as Jay Baer illustrated in his book Youtility in a beautiful way, “ Is your Marketing so useful , that people would pay for it?” so you put value and benefits of customers first when you start thinking of creating any type of content. Because customers don’t care about you they always care about themselves. As one of the biggest challenges in content marketing is to put customers need before yours. This leads to an interesting question resulting from such insights which is :

What forms perfect content production?

To make sure you have the right content strategy in place make sure it delivers:

The high adoption of social communication channels and how people have changed in the last couple of years along with technology trends to form what Brian Solis calls Digital Darwinism, now it is becoming more challenging to adapt and be as fast. Instant messaging , social media interactions and timelines have made it worse and you need to be relevant and as fast in response as you can to harness the real-time. Oreo was one of the best example “ you still can Dunk in the Dark”, but you don’t need to be as big as them and you can do it your way within the constraints you have. At least you have to try to see how it works.

Sometimes to produce engaging content and perfectly fit, you just need to state the obvious by illustrating some facts in a good presentation in a form of infographics or any creative ideas to educate people and add value. It is key also to consider the prominent and engaging types of content, as…

the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, the latest updates on Twitter and Facebook content formulas all show how important the visual content is and why you should put this format as important when thinking of creating and publishing for your audience. This doesn’t mean you stop looking at other formats, but this can be …

part of your optimization efforts on an always-on plan. Which gives you an edge to be optimized all the time for the best and more efficient content that keeps your customers engaged and actively waiting for your next publishing time.

wonderer for content

Working out a plan to publish a relevant and amazing piece of content every time is like a myth, but you can keep trying, as no one can prescribe you the golden formula for producing successful content topics all the time. But there is a relief, which is , you to keep wondering and looking around for inspirations, the news , trends, from different sources and maybe your competition can be good ideas to ride on or repurpose. So curating content or ideas is a way out from content innovation dry-out dilemma which could happen to anyone. What is your current successful content formula ?

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