Lean Performance Ads Approach

A lean performance ads approach is a strategy that focuses on getting the most out of your advertising budget by using data-driven insights and continually optimizing your campaigns based on performance metrics. Here are some key elements of a lean performance ads approach: Set clear goals: Before you launch any advertising campaign, you need to … متابعة القراءة Lean Performance Ads Approach

Restaurant marketing creative ideas

Answering one of our student’s questions today at The Certified digital marketing Professional program : On how agencies can influence their restaurant customers to endorse more sustainable and innovative ways to do marketing. Share this post if it gives you an inspiration. 1- Majority of Restaurants usually don't have proper marketing department setup due to … متابعة القراءة Restaurant marketing creative ideas

The cost of digital transformation

The frog and scorpion passing the river story, is one of the great examples of the adverse of wisdom. They both wanted to cross to the other side, yet one was not ready to change for the mission to succeed. Not because the scorpion was suicidal but because he underestimated how difficult it is to … متابعة القراءة The cost of digital transformation

An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, … متابعة القراءة An easy win

Facebook is back

I was reading through my rss feed recently and found this amazing article by social media examiner with Mari Smith about the facebook updates and how organic can be resurrected. While many talk about facebook being useless in the region I believe there is a chance to sparkle and be awesome while your competition is … متابعة القراءة Facebook is back

The B2B Marketing and humans

At one of TRIGGERS AGENCY in-house trainings for one of the big restaurants' disposables supplies factories, in the capital Riyadh; I was talking about the market and the threats and opportunities ahead. My presentation was simple and as usual, I start with the bad news for the market (Macro ), then the brand and how … متابعة القراءة The B2B Marketing and humans

[Free download] The guide to mobile app onboarding

In the mobile apps world, this is one of the common topics that I receive tens of questions for. No single marketing or start ups business gathering, where this topic doesn't come up. If not the tea cup chitchat, then it is the "no pun intended" subject for jokes.Mobile apps experience and Onboarding are the … متابعة القراءة [Free download] The guide to mobile app onboarding

Periscope 360 brings a new dimension to marketing – #Twitter #Marketing

PERSPECTIVEPeriscope 360 brings a new dimension to marketing Live-streaming 360-degree video can bring your brand to life — but only if you do it right. James Gunn, director of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was in a feisty mood. “Hello, everybody! I am here with Chris Pratt — yay! Zoe Saldana — yay! Michael Rooker — … متابعة القراءة Periscope 360 brings a new dimension to marketing – #Twitter #Marketing