What Do you Learn from The Birdman The Movie

Scared to be there , but not scared to be obsolete! In the digital age it is a game of being outside your norms, fighting for attention is a daily battle. Massive budgets can help but they are not sustainable, are you still struggling to start though?

Brands come and go but people numbers only grow. @Alghadouni

هذا الفيديو غير موجود.
Publish for them and forget the I and our Name, brands are important but hey gonna be always few compared to people ( the mass) .Brands come and go but people numbers only grow.

Draw a picture for your dream and go paint it, with trials and errors, with a broken and a full experience , it doesn’t matter but start. It is new, but still changing rapidly, you are never late just start.

They will see you and stop, not because you are so cool but because you educated and helped them somehow , so keep helping and get closer to win their attention day by day.
Help more you win more … Be blessed and Relevant.

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