Blogging worked for me, it really did

In many occasions I see people start blogs and they lose hope to get attraction then eventually end up losing interest to continue doing it. Either individuals or brands the same idea literally applies. And it is not because they don’t want to do it and not that they dont want to change the world, but because they don’t do it effectively. 

Flashback 2010 to my old blog, it was linked to our old hosting and web design company, it was not deeply structured to drive sales. Yet it had 60% impact on our revenue, it wasn’t millions but it was worth it. It used to cover topics for webmasters and how can they make best out of their forums and websites, we weren’t actively blogging but we gave people what they wanted. So it worked very well.

What it is not clear for many people, who see opportunities in blogging, but don’t know how to approach it, is why it works for only few number of bloggers and it doesn’t for the majority.

When I look at my current blog it has topics that are different but very focused for specific audience. It works because I get invites to participate in events, coach and consulting. The reason behind this is because I have a very simple plan for all the ideas I want to talk about.

1st I find the pain point of my targeted audience and very well cover it.

2nd I create my blend and flavor in the way I address the topic. Just the way I feel and think about something, no rules here just my own way of saying it.

3rd I engage with people and personally invite them to read, which helps me build a community that regularly read my posts. 4th I Share and publicize it to the right people and via the right channels.

5th I try my best to convince the readers to become subscribers, which guarantees the right visibility and engagement.

6th I create different formats of content, like videos, podcasts and sometimes plain trivia. It is fine because people like it and see it has a style and a character. Although this is nothing new to many but sticking to it on and on and on is the trick.

7th I never sell anything in my posts, but it happens from time to time, You know sometimes you can’t resist it. The money that comes is still not much, but decent and makes it more fun to do it more.

It is a formula that worked for me in this order, and you can try it yourself, but of course you have your own style and twist. Just because you can write , doesn’t mean you are like all the writers, you have an edge use it.

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