[Free download] The guide to mobile app onboarding

In the mobile apps world, this is one of the common topics that I receive tens of questions for. No single marketing or start ups business gathering, where this topic doesn't come up. If not the tea cup chitchat, then it is the "no pun intended" subject for jokes.

Mobile apps experience and Onboarding are the winner for the most discussed topics on mobile apps startups enthusiasts. I will look into the user onboarding story since this is something I like the most, and the common mistakes there are endless. Let me take you through some of my thoughts on this, as I have couple of points to list here. Let's start:

1- The big assumption (everyone needs an onboarding tutorial).

While many users love the simple flow to do things in mobile apps, not all of the mobile apps need a tutorial on how to use the app in the first steps of installation. If your app doesn't need it, then don't use it. So how would you know?

2-The frustrating (many information asked in the signup process).

If your app is not for a medical check up, then you have to review your sign up process and slim down the unneeded info.

3-Using an identical flow for Android and IOS apps.

you know that apple doesn't like Android, and vice verse. So why do you need them to be the same?

The uniqueness of both Android and IOS os flows are smooth in their own terms and shouldn't be the same for the users. Dive more into the details and design your apps experiences native flow and specifications friendly, to win the heart of their fans if you have to.

4- Abandoning the users right after they register.

Imagine a kid being abandoned by her Mum after she steps at school in the first day, she needs love and guidance. Make sure there is a thoughtful journey mapped out to take the user where she needs to go to perform the first action.

I won't write more points, but I am sure you will find more ideas into this topic in the white paper done by the Branch platform, below for you to download

When this makes you think about your execution in your business or friend's startup, THEN share the post with them to spread the love

Bye for now dear.

The guide to mobile app onboarding

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