Do you want to be a legend?

Hi you

     A pattern that is getting into us. It is threatening everything we do. It is actually the mantra that  separates the doers from the legends.

I set up a meeting for Thursday to discuss our delivery and the quality. Yet I didn’t show up.
We set up a daily call at 3 it has run for 3-4 days , but we didn’t commit.
We set up an internal meeting as a status meeting in a specific time/day per week for the teams, but we didn’t commit.
We set up a sharing session where the team share their knowledge on any topic in life , it started for one time ONLY, but we didn’t commit.
I wanted to eat healthy and be fit, I started yet I didn’t commit.
Along with this , you wanted to read a book every month, and you have started, but you didn’t commit.
You wanted X every Y, but you didn’t commit. This is the failure formula
We need a therapy we need to show up.
I am sorry I didn’t, but I need to be working on it, and I need you onboard, but only if you can commit. It is gonna be tough.
Do you want to be a legend?

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