Facebook is back

I was reading through my rss feed recently and found this amazing article by social media examiner with Mari Smith about the facebook updates and how organic can be resurrected.

While many talk about facebook being useless in the region I believe there is a chance to sparkle and be awesome while your competition is still struggling to pass 7% engagement rate on twitter.

Facebook marketing capabilities

She focused in the patterns of consumer media consumption.

It focuses on

– Publishing native short video on facebook.

– Publishing native long form video on facebook.

– Publishing square formats video.

-Publishing episodic videos. Yes, you know Game of Thrones right? Something like it, but you produce the seasons and episodes about your brand.

-Publishing live video on facebook using the native facebook live streaming feature.

-Publishing questions using questions and polls features on facebook.

-Publishing in your stories to focus on ephemeral content.

Obviously groups is part of what we do daily WhatsApp telegram facebook messenger etc , so facebook groups are a good tool to activate your base too. It is not about the numbers i tia about the quality.

As many understand that links are important for posts to drive traffic to your website, yet a research by buzz-sumo says it is not and usually comes with 1-6% ER at best, so why bother.

So here you have it, go win it.

The article from social media examiner can be found here

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