Why Businesses Fail in 2023: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners

Heavy loss Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be risky. Unfortunately, not every business succeeds, and many businesses fail. If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, understanding why businesses fail is crucial to avoiding common pitfalls and increasing your chances of success. Here are some of the most common reasons businesses … متابعة القراءة Why Businesses Fail in 2023: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners

An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, … متابعة القراءة An easy win

Getting into the idea of purpose

Discussions about growth and building businesses, at most of the times focus on growth and cash. Yet when I think about sustaining a business idea to reflect impact on people who are involved and the community, it always be something that we write in our values, mission and vision in business profile. Execution becomes something … متابعة القراءة Getting into the idea of purpose

Operating in 95

The demand and the supply are two sides that balance the market. While excess of supply lowers the prices the opposite increases them. Today the demand for talents is on the high side. It is imperative to invest in the future skills. There are still organizations with HR staff that still operate in 1995 dynamics. … متابعة القراءة Operating in 95

A game and The game

At the gym he is running on a treadmill and burning ..running and burning ..running and burning. On an average a ten minutes run can burn almost 100 calories with a good speed pace. The gym everyday is a commitment and requires determination to stay at it. There are two types of gym hitters . … متابعة القراءة A game and The game

A battle : back to school

For workers , the daily tv show time is an immersive experience for many today. Yet it is a battle to create this feeling of joy and disconnect from work vibes. Because the notifications from work emails are still active. The father of two that keeps and keeps trying to create room for his new … متابعة القراءة A battle : back to school

A perspective

The bakeries open early in the morning, some open at dawn to win on the day demand. The columnists spends the night redrafting their idea to fit length and context. A personal trainer sneaks in between classes to exercise to stay in shape. These dominate their game by focusing on their perspective, TIME, REPETITION, PLANNING. … متابعة القراءة A perspective

Working smarter not harder just like warren buffet

We each have 96 energy blocks each day to spend however we'd like. Using this energy blocking system will ensure you're spending each block wisely to make the most progress on your most important goals. http://www.fs.blog/2018/06/succeed-at-work/