My Birthday Book

On my birthday back in 2011  –  10th of  May I was at NOKIA house in Finland for the first time. Back then was the Social Media Summit for the Digital Rock stars, so it was a good chance to meet the Digital NOKIA team from all over the world. Of course I used that to see and network with everyone, while there I had a blast celebrating my birthday in Helsinki. It was full of fun and loads of interesting ideas and topics discussed. The Keynote speech was  -the CEO of Dachis Group,  Jeff was speaking and he recommended this book “ Marketing in the Groundswell” . During the first break, I met Elisa (a Digital Social Marketing Rock star from NOKIA Global  HQ team ) and she was holding the last copy of the book as they had handed some copies to some of the guys already and I told her that it was my birthday , so she gave me that as a gift. It was nice , but I felt like I was so confused on how should I thank her enough for that..

Marketing in the Groundswell the Bok
Marketing in the Groundswell

Trying to sleep that night I crunched around 30 pages of the book and was thrilled , how an amazing book it was. It was co-authored by Charlene Li who is a former Forrester Research as an independent thought leader and the founder of Altimeter Group and Josh Bernoff, a senior vice president, idea development at Forrester Research and one of America’s most quoted analysts.

It covered listening to the groundswell and how important for brands to listen to customers at any given time, why is that crucial for the business and what is the payoff. The book discussed extensively why the brand is what its customers say it is… That was the leading step to start engaging with the groundswell, but how brand should talk to them is also important and it was covered by the authors in a very simple smooth way. Platforms in the digital scene are set for different purposes, but how brands are using that to harness the benefits and enable then energize the Groundswell, is a thorny topic that has different dimensions that were discussed by this book too.

Groundswell is jammed with big ideas, useful stories, and quotable stats. this is the new industrial Revolution. Are you on board? – Seth Godin

     Marketing in the Groundswell presented Practical examples and case studies that are so inspiring for marketers to look at. It was an igniting spark in the hay stack of digital /social marketing ideas, you can’t get enough of this book, the flow, ideas , and the takeaways are in bulk.. For me this was one of the delicious books that I will always recommend marketers in Saudi Arabia to consume.

This is recommended reading for people in any kind of web marketing role. – Guy Kawasaki

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