First Audio book experience

     In summer 2010, On one of the long flights I took coming back from vacation, I had an amazing first time experience subscribing to Audible. The Audio books service by Amazon. I had many book titles in my wish list at that time and I picked the most interesting one to try this service. It was an immersive blast of passionate and very encouraging text . it was narrated by the author which made it more engaging as it showed how eager he was to achieve and how important it is to have the deadly obsession with what ones dream of.

Some dreams pass away easily, but some makes you stay up all night trying to shape it, tweak it , visualize it and sometimes taste it! They never go away they demand every second and minute of your life to build it , make it and nail it. They just don’t happen overnight they demand persistence and torture, as you can’t enjoy success by drawing lines and writing business plans, it requires hard work and real-time monitor.

Gary Vaynerchuk spent years shaping his family wine business. He realized the true meaning of working day and night to make it happen, as he changed his family wine business into a national industry leader worth $60 M. The series of actions and stories narrated in the book were interesting enough to get the reader/listener to consume the content in no time. During the flight I was supposed to sleep at least 2-4hours as it was a long one, but when I listened to the first five minutes, I got hooked and didn’t unplug the headsets off my head till the book was finished fully. I ended up writing notes on tissues and some airlines magazines, truly it has life changing insights and ideas to put in use.

 TIM FERRISS the New York Times #1 selling author ” Beg, borrow, and steal to learn the hustle and techniques that helped him build a 60 Million business and reinvent the rules on his own terms”

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion
see how the internet can make any business hot selling ..!


He put the Internet in use to achieve that, as he built the first wine business website in 1979, and realized how the Internet can drive growth and flip the old rules  to be fully exposed as weak to survive.

His best selling book was : Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

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