I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing

Since Summer 2001 till today May 29th 2013 I have stood in front of more than 50 interviewers and have conducted about the same number of interviews for candidates of different backgrounds… What I have found is that there is a pattern for the recent ones in marketing…let’s look at that..

Every Saudi marketing student should have this concern. I need a job that aspires the best Imageof me, I want to be challenged and learn more and more.. Isn’t this is the famous line in job seekers (fresh grad) Resume?
Well, that is so promising line and should spark some interest for employers. I am just kidding and this is not fully true, if it is not combined by the right set of ideas.. To list the hot ones in details:

1- New forms of communication and interaction for brands are quickly emerging and gain good deal of impact on the game plan. So are you updated? Do you have what it takes to answer this question in the interview?

2- Social networks and online communities are available and here to stay, what are the relative ones for the Saudi market? You didn’t see this coming , do you?

3- Planning a measurable campaign is a headache for marketers that they have to deal with every day. Have you ever developed a traceable marketing plan?

4- Social networks and online communities document your social graph and timeline, nothing gets missed out.. What can search engines say about you, what is the character you have drawn in that world? The employer will look your name up in Facebook search, LinkedIn, twitter and other networks, what kind of brand you have created there?

5- Reading, traveling and Internet browsing are cliché and they will be ignored, so how can you prove them wrong?

6- A good team player is another abused adjective.. Of course Companies and different types of organizations are merely a group of people working together towards achieving one goal, that involves day to day interaction with others. Have you ever worked as a team member and experienced this during your study or outside school premises?

7- There is always the negative talk among your colleagues and others, that no jobs available in the market and all organizations, look for experienced talents, but not fresh grads. What did you do to set yourself aside from that?

These are questions you will need to prepare for and different others, but it is key that you have this in mind, so you prepare well. Building a habit of reading about marketing always healthy and advisable thing to maintain, but If you want to read on topics outside this field of knowledge is fine too as long as you have this as an extra dose for your brain. Websites and global marketing/digital marketing hubs are available online and you can follow up on the latest periodically. This will also help you to be aware of new trends and best practices in the industry. If you want to tell me that you are not online and not amazed by what happens there, then I think you are wasting your time by studying marketing.

While you access the Internet daily from your phone, tablet, PC or other form of gadgets, make sure that your professional profile pages and presences reflect that you are interested in marketing. You can do that by following thought-leaders, authors and credited professionals. What will help also is to write, tweet, share and link to important topics you see might help your colleagues, friends or followers about marketing. Since online communities and social networks now represent not a virtual copy of you , but the real you, you need to make sure that the search results show the amazing, knowledgeable, and interesting person (you). One of the good tips is to use Facebook for personal, friends and family activities and Twitter/LinkedIn for more serious stuff. Of course you might be using other networks, but this is an example for you to consider.

It is key to look at various examples online and offline for marketing campaigns templates , and practical examples. Why I am highlighting this , because employers love to hear about something that you have done, not just talking about it. In your training , internship or other professional engagement with organizations this should be on your radar to hit. Why measurable! Because the new world of marketing talks only about what is my ROI (return of investment) how many conversions did we get out of this campaign!

What employers want in fresh grads and even in experienced ones is PASSION …the passion to learn, to help, to adapt and to share, so make sure you build this side of your personality if you are serious about getting hired. As you can see no one has cared to mention your travel, reading, or swimming interests, as you social-graph has done a good job for employers..

so now you might want to think again of how to look at this important chapter of your life again and think different. Because writing your CV is not as it used to be for your DAD, now Facebook and other networks are doing it for you in a compelling visual more sensible way… So make sure you build a glowing online identity – that is YOU.

3 thoughts on “I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing

  1. great pointers abdullah,
    I also like to see the fresh grads specially here in the Kingdom challenge organizations by their prowess in social media skills. Thats a huge gap and can quickly let the youngsters make their own space…


    • Hi Atef ,
      makes sense too , still organizations need to adapt to this change and forget about (marketing manager with 15 yrs experience ) requirements and invest in youth..


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