Stop Bitching about Facebook-is-dead Story

This idea was inspired by this post at Business Insider… It is the trend now , most people complain about Facebook declining organic reach in their business pages. The bottom line of this story is that most people continue to broadcast their content same way since they have started using Facebook.

Old habits vs Behavioral change

People change so does Facebook to adapt. Like any other platform online, Facebook adapts to what people tend to, not what business managers want. Many of the latest changes and updates in Facebook news feed and content display algorithms are to focus more on quality and value, not hype and volumes. So ask yourself when was the last time you checked Facebook insights KPIs and metrics that have changed, did you adapt and optimize your way of thinking hence your posts to match them?

Engaging vs Selfie

People are fed up of brands talking about themselves too much. They see it as sort of ads, and we all know that ads are of only 17% impact on people if not less, according to several studies. So how do you inspire your fans to discuss things with you? The contributions that fans add to the page are likes and shares only or they do comment and talk back.

Social currency and hot topics that get people talking are good outcome of a continuous content innovation cycle for any business, I hope your business uses that.

Planned good Content ideas

On a weekly basis, have content planning sessions to make sure you stay current and up-to-date with what happens around you, to be engaging and relevant. We continue to see brands doing the usual auto posting their blog posts with no clear focus on content proper types for Facebook and Facebook audience, this can be nailed from Facebook insights reports in the admin panel in your business page.

Facebook Contests

Facebook has allowed page managers to post contests on the wall instead of apps and tabs, to give them more freedom to have interactions on the page , henceforth more reach and more engagements. How many pages you see do that so often? Seems that page managers are programmed to Facebook tabs and apps and they don’t want to adapt. Facebook allowed that to give MOBILE users more reasons to stick around and do more on Facebook, which is a response to many complaints on Facebook apps being not compliant with Mobile.

I see the change as a good challenge for brands, if they want to do it right.

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