A perspective

The bakeries open early in the morning, some open at dawn to win on the day demand. The columnists spends the night redrafting their idea to fit length and context. A personal trainer sneaks in between classes to exercise to stay in shape. These dominate their game by focusing on their perspective, TIME, REPETITION, PLANNING. … متابعة القراءة A perspective

Anticipation Is The Core Of Marketing Automation

Guide your customers to a journey you draw to achieve your marketing objectives smartly

Stop Bitching about Facebook-is-dead Story

This idea was inspired by this post at Business Insider… It is the trend now , most people complain about Facebook declining organic reach in their business pages. The bottom line of this story is that most people continue to broadcast their content same way since they have started using Facebook. Old habits vs Behavioral … متابعة القراءة Stop Bitching about Facebook-is-dead Story

Why The Social Hub of Excellence

The social hub of excellence is the operation center for brands to excel in social. I have looked at couple of proposals for social media and community management in different settings; from local and multinational agencies servicing in Saudi Arabia. What was apparently not present for such offerings was the post (content calendar and ideas … متابعة القراءة Why The Social Hub of Excellence

How Can Industry Local Blogs win

Abdullah’s Ideas for Local Industry Blogs Photography, Gadgets, Gaming, Lifestyle and others.. Facts      Working in the Gadgets and consumer electronics industry, blogs and bloggers are important elements in the equation and that is a reality today. Part of that interesting holy mission I am after, is to check the blog’s Brand, community, content and … متابعة القراءة How Can Industry Local Blogs win

Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media

Food business fast or healthy, is a lucrative one . Although there are around 60% of newly opened ones close or go out of business in the first year. Looking at any city in Saudi Arabia today, there are many different burger restaurants and diners. Some of them locals and others are international chains. This … متابعة القراءة Six Tips for Burger Restaurants to win in Social Media

The Thank you Economy

If this were 1923, this book would have been called "Why Radio Is Going to Change the Game" . . . If it were 1995, it would be "Why Amazon Is Going to Take Over the Retailing World" Gary Vaynerchuk, again with his regular true enthusiasm, he narrates stories and successful example for how can … متابعة القراءة The Thank you Economy

I am so proud to be connected, Are you ?

Are you connected, do you sense the difference we see today? It is so integrated and becoming so difficult to adapt to, which approach are you following! Are we still living in a world of six degrees of separation? I am not sure about you, but for me this is a life changing creed and … متابعة القراءة I am so proud to be connected, Are you ?

Marketers are spammers by Law

In different workshops and casual settings here in Saudi,I have discussed this idea of " Stop Spamming and do real communication in your varied marketing efforts, traditional and digital". Now CITC (Communications and Information technology Commission ) has clearly announced that continuing this practice will make you a criminal by law! this is the official … متابعة القراءة Marketers are spammers by Law

You need customer’s permission

My first time reading this book was in 2003 and after few years I had to buy it again, but as an audio book. At that time I used to work two different jobs at the same time and one of them was mainly selling online website services and this book helped us coin our … متابعة القراءة You need customer’s permission