What do You Miss as a marketer About Brand Values

People are keen on keeping a good reputation, and thats how things work among humans. At least the majority of them. In a real life scenario, for us in saudi Arabia, and as a guy, if you want to get married, the first thing her father checks, is your reputation , family and then what do you do. The reason for that is not a business due diligence exercise. It is the fact that, he wants to be sure that you are the right fit for his beloved daughter. And he can trust you on her wellbeing. That is a given right, same goes for consumers dealing with brands.

Check your Facebook and twitter timeline, today, there is too much annoyance from ads, and also in streets, tv, radio, internet , etc and the only thing that the consumer (user*) recalls is usually what they hear about the brand,from friends, family and others. (*user : Only two types of people call humans users 1- drug dealers 2-digital marketers 😀 )

Of course some of the brand messaging will build some subliminal equity in people’s heads, but how do you activate that, to get them to take action?

In a research   on Millennials and what are the brand attributes that make them tick, they favoured these attributes in the following order

brand attributes that matters

This shows how important is the personality and the brand image you want to present to the respective audience. And what do you expect from them through their journey towards your goals. Your brand values and mission are the key core important elements that formulate your personality and essence. This is what people will remember you for, this is what make them consider you over others , and would exchange or do something with you. Let’s do this exercise , imagine if you find a brand has the following mission:

Disrupt Consumer Exploitation

and core values,

•treat others as we’d like to be treated;

•have more fun;

•support the local and be respectful of their resources;

•find a way to do more with what we already have;

•nurture, protect and respect every idea we believe in;

•share everything passionately & courageously;

•help make the world more transparent, open & honest;

•and keep it simple.

What if these are translated into each and every consumer interaction and messaging that take place in your brand communication channels! what do you think the audience response will be? This vs We are here , we are the biggest we are the leader , we have the money ? what is more sustainable core brand positioning, or easy wins ( conversions through offers and vouchers ) ?

Though this is very important , what is crucial for you is to look at the best approach to translate your brand values and mission to be embraced by employees, from CEO to janitors.

to Disrupt consumer exploitation – and build a second hand economy culture encouraging people, locals and expatriates to participate in helping each other over the course of their lives

Because this is how it works and how it makes a difference through the dynamic consumer journey to experience your brand at any point of engagement. Not only that, there is more interesting side about it, which is sustainability, with brand values communicated it creates sustainable momentum for acquisition and retention same time, it works both sides. You can see more of that in dubizzle communication and marketing efforts in different channels, presenting the brand for the first time in the country with a clear message, that is derived from the above mentioned values and mission “ to Disrupt consumer exploitation – and build a second hand economy culture encouraging people, locals and expatriates to participate in helping each other over the course of their lives” . Now Ask yourself how much of your brand values are represented in your communication?

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