Capturing NOW

in Facebook f8 conference they announced many ideas for business and evolutions in their suite of services. These announcements impact users and businesses in different ways. And most importantly what I have noticed is the focus on VR and Live Streaming as main big topics , that really show the importance of realtime and how is it going to change the future of business.

IM (instant messaging) has taken big strides in terms of growth and stickiness. people are living on these platforms like Facebook messenger app, Whatsapp, Snapchat

Meerkat App

MeerkatApp etc. The new thing added is how these are being extended to support businesses just to complement the experience for users , from being able to only to interact with each other to be able also to interact with businesses and the other way around. Human behaviour here has led Facebook to provide such capability for businesses. Banking on the instant nature of such interactions and the necessity of capturing the NOW moment rather than later or ( wait few hours till we answer your support ticket). Here, it is a big shoutout for all businesses to Adapt or die as the communications means are changing and advancing so fast, businesses should be aligned and adaptive as well.

Live streaming has seen good growth and adoption, as Meerkat App and the latest twitter App Periscope ( trying to compete with Meerkat) are kind of the most prominent ones for this so far. Facebook is introducing Live streaming to its messenger as well. Now businesses should think smartly how to utilise these forms of media broadcasting channels to engage and make more business.

Video Live Streaming is empowering the realtime scene, what others types of media Live Streaming will bring in the near future?

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