Anticipation Is The Core Of Marketing Automation

I was at the Airport in Jeddah and while I was waiting for my flight on SAUDIA, I received an SMS with a recommendation for so much FUN coming onboard that I should not miss. This will all happen if I download the SAUDI Entertainment App before onboarding. As the attached screenshot below “ sorry for the non-Arabic readers” , It says the same thing with links to the App. What I like here is the anticipation.

SAUDIA SMS to download the Entertainment App

        SAUDIA didn’t just provide FUN and Entertaining content on their airplanes but also they provide that on your phone when you are onboard, how cool is that!

       The process goes, 1st you download the app before you go onboard using airport WIFI, 2nd use WIFI onboard to watch entertainment on your phone through the app. I see it is more convenient to watch stuff on my phone using my own headsets just the way I like. This looks a bit of an endorsement for SAUDI, but it is not, my intention is to highlight the importance of this and how this is changing the way marketers think and act in the market today. It is not about interruption but it is anticipation and guiding your customers with a well drawn journey through specific channels.


Saudi Airlines Onboard Entertainment App

Of course it is easier said than done, but who cares how do you do it, it doesn’t need to be fully automated and sophisticated, I believe a passionate young marketer can draw this with an excel sheet and executes as smooth as a fully blown marketing automation system. It is always about WHY we do things in marketing. Here we have convenience and delivering happiness to the passengers when they need it. This would feed into the loyalty program, customer satisfaction, and definitely virality.

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