Meet The TOP 100 Marketing Influencers

Hey whats up ? What kind of drink you are having now ? I am having my black coffee now, and it has been tense in the past few weeks. I am looking to change some of these crazy morning routines though. Coffee is so influencial on the way we function in the morning, I believe most of this is psychological factor more than anything else. As much as this influence is needed for many people, as it still can be avoided, but it inspires us. Same do the active marketing global influencers. Bestsellers, speakers, active, or aspirational leaders, they influence marketers in someway. Brand24 the listening and monitoring platform, has collected the Top 100 Marketing Influencers in one file. I thought I would share with you. It is really true they have big positive influence on the marketing community. Please Report_Top_100_Marketing_Influencers_2017 .

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