You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. ” How can I be good in digital marketing?”.

News:      I am scoring my 25,000 digital marketing hours hands-on this month. I wanted to share with you what does that mean and why it can take you to another level.

Since I started using the internet long time ago, I have realized that it is an endless madness, same time it is darn fun. I found that the more I know the more it gets me in. so I decided that I want to have fun and be super good at online marketing.

Why this is important for me now?

Now I can work from anywhere.

Now I can earn money with no stress.

Now I can share my ideas and make money and people trust me.

Now I can sell anything online, literally anything.

You will be wondering now, how did I get there, let me tell you more on this.

I have already signed up myself to trust my capabilities and push ME every day to do more.

I endorsed a simple plan, that allocates 30 minutes a day. It works like this (30 minute to learn something about your bigger objective). I decided I wanted to learn Google analytics, because the core functions of the internet marketing are reports and numbers. So, I watch and learn from the Google analytics online resources and tutorials on daily bases till I finished it all.) and so on for many other core topics in marketing. Now it is way easier for you to jump on it, as tools and learning resources are of abundance and easy to reach. So I suggest you use this for you favor.

  • nowSince you are newly starting in this game, let me put the things you need to learn to become a rock star in online and social media marketing.

1- Google analytics academy.

2- Hootsuite social Media Academy.

3- Facebook Business academy/tutorials.

4- Twitter Business academy .tutorials.

5- WordPress Blogging tutorials.

6- Suggested Podcasts to subscribe to:

A- Social Pro

B- Social Media Examiner

7-Google Adwords Academy.

  • Things to Install on your iPhone:

1- Install the Podcasting App in your iPhone and subscribe to these shows ( Mentioned above).

2- Install Primer App, it will teach you what is marketing in the new age.

  • Subscribe to blogs and follow them in social media

1- AdAge

2- Hubspot

3- Seth Godin

4- Social Media Examiner

5- Social Media today.

6- Search Land

7- Dave Chaffey /Smart insights

  • Inspirations in Creative Advertising

1- Lynx Award ( Dubai)

2- Canns Lions Awards.

3-Superbowl Ads

4- Adage

Now this is your ticket to the winning TRAIN, it is not free, you will pay from your LIFE TIME. IF you believe you want to invest in YOU, yes YOU not your boss, not your work, or loved ones, only in YOURSELF.

Other route that many have seen working is joining the TRIGGERS Academy Digital Marketing Professional Certification program. You learn from the professionals in Digital Marketing Training .

Pass this to a winner next to you.

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