An easy win

An easy win is something we devour because it has a quick relief. Painkillers have been designed with quick results. Humans have no patience for pain. That is who we are, comfort is a need and not a luxury. A fintech marketing team were having a discussion on how to do marketing that shows results, and the idea of a missing strategy wasn’t appealing to them. They wanted quick results, fireworks and flashy headlights. In marketing, quick means not sustainable due to the fact that it comes with cutting corners and not a long term oriented.

Quick win

New privacy regulations and awareness of personal data are making it difficult to follow old ways of broadcasting to get results. Database owners will continue to own the space like influencers, and organizations that build their business on the idea of cultivating people interest by providing value and trust. That is why we see brands like telecom operators for example, have a privilege.

In a good number of occasions getting people to buy from you is not a problem, yet keeping them for long is in fact a big challenge and a growing concern for professionals. Hence, building a system to keep your trusted people around you for long is the way to win a big difficult WIN.

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