Vine Vs. Instagram :what is the best?

Micro-vlogging strategy ?

We have seen Instagram announcing the video feature, where users can record a video and enhance it with filters then post it. Discussions went abundant on what is best Vine or Instagram? Many speculation against this update and whether this is a killer for Vine (a service for short video format, that can record up to couple of seconds) or not. As this is becoming a hot topic exchanged by many users and experts, the judgment is, marketers should use whatever works.

There are amazing examples of innovative executions from leading brands in social content marketing like  Burberry  highlighted by Convince & Convert.

Burberry fashion show

While marketers are still trying to create sticky pieces of content using such very short video (micro-vlogging networks) such as vine , Keek and now Instagram, the question is not only what innovative content idea we need to employ , rather it is how valuable this channel is measured against other digital marketing channels used?

The leads and conversions that are driven by different channels, should be mapped and monitored by marketers to realize the value of the marketing investments and ultimately ROMI (Return on marketing investment). This is a basic tracker for posts performance, illustrated here as an example, but most sophisticated tool are available to do and provide more depth and insights.

Measuring Facebook posts performance

So such sheets, systems or reports using whatever reporting, analytics and monitoring tools out there, like SocialBakers , Sprout social, HootSuite , Radian6 and others.. Again the tool is a medium but the objective is to have a clear visibility on the performance of each channel used. This should also cover content type, language, time, day and creative. What is the conversion rate in each channel , how many leads we have received by which type of content. Such valuable insights are to be utilized fully to understand where to invest time and money, and what activity should you focus on more to drive more engagement and ultimately business.

No one needs to get perplexed by the new features added every day, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others will continue to invest and explorer opportunities to implement more utilities for users to go more mobile, visual, and simpler…
Not surprising that it was mentioned by some of the industry experts that more than 30% of the marketers within the coming five years will learn photography, videography or video editing.. I can’t recall the resource help me document it if you do please…..

So what is sustainable? The answer is to measure the impact of each activity we do online to interact or communicate with customers to appreciate the value received. Yet this also demands that exploring and testing new platforms and features shouldn’t stop, but they have to be part of a clear social media marketing strategy to make sure no over exhausting for human and dollar resources..

What are your current efforts to measure the social channels and content performance?

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