The Thank you Economy

If this were 1923, this book would have been called “Why Radio Is Going to Change the Game” . . .

If it were 1995, it would be “Why Amazon Is Going to Take Over the Retailing World”

Gary Vaynerchuk, again with his regular true enthusiasm, he narrates stories and successful example for how can success be scored. Why it pays if brands work their brains out to deliver best customer marketing -service experience.

The Thank You Economy -by Gary Vaynerchuk  the book
the book – The Thank You Economy

The success triangle of social media marketing world, human touch, best utilization of technology and authenticity. Workplace is the starting point for innovation how much love is there, for customers, staff and the products and services to deliver. It is love and passion to achieve that drives target over-achievement. How eager your staff is to sell, serve and sizzle?

If the employees are not switched on to learn, adapt and change according to market and consumer trends, then the game is close to impossible to win. The history has shown a great deal of examples of giants falling because they were too autocratic to adapt and change.

Most of us cannot imagine a lawyer or a dentist that is so successful in business because he /she is actively engaged online, but this book is highlighting such successful models. This book “The Thank You Economy” Gary Vaynerchuk wrote in 2011′ is a guidebook for winning the social and online channels puzzle.This is the way to win the customers’ love, to win their friends and friends of friends to become your clients. Stop pushing your products to consumer’s throat and start creating quality engagements by exciting discussions.

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