LOVE stays Technology Dies

With the rise of the marketers sudden interest in people! The 1000% focus on conversation and storytelling theories on the social web, the chaos is on WHAT not WHY. Brands focus more on what systems and content publishing solution more than the resulting outcome and human social engagement.

In different marketing venues inside organizations we see social teams and marketers are more into what system should we use to publish our content over Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and others. What kind of licenses do we need to utilize more capacity of the current social media management system. Let’s make sure we try most of them to see what works better for us.

While this is important as part of the marketing effort to engage and have interactions with Humans (followers, fans, potentials, User database, etc ), in a faster and more efficient way, Still the most important is WHY , what are we trying to achieve what kind of conversation are we driving there, what do people think about us, do we care about them at all or we use systems to create walls of separation to distant people away from our brands.

I have been flying with one of the local domestic airlines for a couple of times now and I made sure that every time I book online I register my information in details. I have created a user on their website, to make it easier and faster whenever I need to book a flight again. While this is all fine and the experience is relatively OK, I am still confused why do they still send me newsletters and campaign emails about amazing onetime special offers about ONE WAY TRIP TO PAKISTAN. My profile has my nationality, language preference, and a log for my domestic trips with the same airlines, why on earth they send me offers to PAKISTAN!!!

Lovers taking pictures together with their Lumia 925
Let’s take an amazing photo together

Basic knowledge and common sense in dating among humans is clearly drawing lines for the importance of interacting with the other partner / potential partner based on what we know about them. Their preference of colors, food, destinations, music, movies time to call times to IM , etc. I am not implying that marketers need to take a course in dating , but human interaction is won when it is simple and authentic. If taking a course in dating basics would make it more efficient then be it…just kidding here.

In the name of LOVE…..  whatever tools and system marketers use , the most important thing to check is LOVE , how much do we care about people ( the potential customers / fans/ followers/ likers ,etc ) and how do we sustain that to have a healthy relationship, no matter what technology to use . As technology dies LOVE stays!

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