How many people use the internet in Saudi Arabia?

One of the good questions I usually receive in confeences and workshops I deliver is, ” where do we get the information about consumers in Saudi Arabia and how can we understand which marketing channel to use!  Plus how can we decide which type of media and content to utilize to target the right audience to deliver the right message. Also what time is best for posting online?”

These questions and more are good ones to start the marketing planning and building on insights to do things right from day one in marketing, but as always digital marketing channels insights are of directional type not to be taking as hard coded rules to follow 100%. I always urge people to test and try on small scale as pilot executions then scale it up if they see success.

To go for more detaild good insights here are other resources that can help understanding more on different industries and businesses. if you have more links you think interesting please share them too‎

I had my hands on this infographics from Jeeran Team in Saudi Arabia and it provides people’s behavior on Jeeran platform in terms of search habits and the topics they look for using Jeeran websites and Mobile apps.

Jeeran users in saudi insights
consumers’ behaviors on Jeeran in Saudi Arabia

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