Websites receive 65% Mobile traffic in Saudi Arabia

Wow, seriously #Wow  , I was chatting with one of the local fashion designers houses in Jeddah , and they basically stated clearly, that they have grown 80% from last year after establishing Instagram presence. Now they have clients not only from Jeddah but also from Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and UAE. Do you see how much this is changing how things work!

What is amazingly different here is they use no PCs or laptops to deal with clients and potential customers. It is only Mobile, yes, they use their smartphones to capture pictures of their latest designs and collections, share that online with their followers and community then follow up on leads via WhatsApp. Maybe you want to know what CRM system they use; well they use an App to manage the contacts and their orders’ status. it also helps them manage and monitor the revenue. Yet it is a simple setup, but I was truly shocked with how immense is the experience they have described and how the flow works smoothly.

It is only fair if we understand that most if not all website in Saudi Arabia receive 65% of their traffic from Mobile devices. In addition to mobile penetration is 182% of the total KSA population. Therefore, with 73% smartphone penetration out of 57 Million active lines on the networks, it always perplexes me to see websites of different organizations big and small with no mobile website experience. I am not sure why, but I hope someone can explain their fascinating reasons for not enhancing their websites to be mobile friendly.


Now is the time to leave no room for coincidence, you have to fully plan and make it part of the marketing strategy. A case worth checking here is the biggest responsive website deployment globally, ( what do we mean by responsive is , a website that can adapt to different device screens like , mobile, laptop and tablets in different shapes and sizes), which is NOKIA’s websites, try from your mobile device and see how does it work on your browser.

What is important to highlight here is, if you are looking to do business in Saudi Arabia and your website is not mobile friendly, then you are depriving yourself from 65% of the audience online.

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