A quick 7-step guide for setting up and testing AMP for WordPress

It is now more than obvious that mobile experience is the future of the web and Google has already enforced the standards for that . So for you ti set up your website on a wordpress CMS, you need to make sure that it abides by the rules of AMP. Here is the guide 

You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. " How can I be good in digital marketing?". News:      I am scoring my 25,000 digital … متابعة القراءة You are the new rock star

Meet The TOP 100 Marketing Influencers

Hey whats up ? What kind of drink you are having now ? I am having my black coffee now, and it has been tense in the past few weeks. I am looking to change some of these crazy morning routines though. Coffee is so influencial on the way we function in the morning, I … متابعة القراءة Meet The TOP 100 Marketing Influencers

Mobile Spend MENA 2017

Hi, you are probably looking for mobile spend trends on ads. IT is true here is the report , and some insights collected from here and there.  The global mobile advertising market will hit two significant milestones in 2016, according to new figures from eMarketer, surpassing $100 billion in spending and accounting for more than … متابعة القراءة Mobile Spend MENA 2017

Persuasion Principles In Banner Advertising

Back in 1984, Robert Cialdini published 'The psychology of influence and persuasion'. Since then, the book went on to be one of the most popular works on the science Source: Chapter 8: Persuasion Principles In Banner Advertising

How to Get Your Branding Noticed

It's often said that you need to get your ad in front of customers seven times for them to pay attention to it. But as marketing practices continue to evolve in the digital age, this old rule may no longer be relevant. It does, however, underscore how difficult getting noticed can be at times. Read … متابعة القراءة How to Get Your Branding Noticed

2019 Business Strategies

During the past few months, I have been working with couple of clients in different industries on improving their marketing practices, and the main thing that worries everybody is "we are trying to define our way through 2019."  You have your mind set up for the operations, marketing, sales and quality strategies.Yet, the economic distress … متابعة القراءة 2019 Business Strategies