Do you want to be a legend?

How to become a legend?

Working smarter not harder just like warren buffet

We each have 96 energy blocks each day to spend however we'd like. Using this energy blocking system will ensure you're spending each block wisely to make the most progress on your most important goals.

You are the new rock star

It is pretty dynamic these days for me, juggling among different activities and projects. As I encounter hundreds of new graduates and professionals in the marketing and startups scene, I receive the same question over and over.. " How can I be good in digital marketing?". News:      I am scoring my 25,000 digital … Continue reading You are the new rock star

Meet The TOP 100 Marketing Influencers

Hey whats up ? What kind of drink you are having now ? I am having my black coffee now, and it has been tense in the past few weeks. I am looking to change some of these crazy morning routines though. Coffee is so influencial on the way we function in the morning, I … Continue reading Meet The TOP 100 Marketing Influencers

They Have Read About It

cooking, or even chasing lizards in the desert. Many people live the disconnect