A book that marketers can not do without

Back in 1999 I built my first web page using yahoo Geocities. This gave me an endless joy and got me into the mood of a champion who had mastered the unknown. I was happy sleeping that night thinking about it and what do i need to do with it and most importantly what is next! I had no clue what was the use of that. I thought I would just express myself and list my favorite music, readings, and write about some ideas. Did not notice the big picture of online marketing and who uses it to achieve whichever objectives. It is the anxiety that has drove me to build that page, not because I knew something about online consumers’ behavior, nor because I had set up different online campaigns on the week before. Human nature to-know-more was kicking that night and that was the reason. ( I am telling the truth so help me God).

I worked on different projects building websites for individuals and organizations since

The new rules of marketing and pr the book

then, but reading The New rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott, was an eye opening for a new perspective and turning point for me towards the internet marketing and giving more weight for the web and the platforms associated with it.

The 3rd edition forward was by Robert Scoble and he had highlighted important items to pay  attention for and thoughts to check as part of the to-do-list that Scott had recommended in the book. Scott covered different thoughts on the digital marketing, the web, the consumers’ behavior, how technology has changed and how this ecosystem works smoothly making the process a different new challenge for businesses around the globe.

New rules have emerged and the winning businessmen are those who harness this new change and jump into the social and digital arena trying and implementing new measures to engage and discuss with consumers out there.

The New rules of Marketing and PR book is a piece of art and the way Scott told stories made it so interesting to read, that you wouldn’t notice till it is done. Scott’s content example

I personally recommend anyone wants to know more and dive into the online marketing to read it and draft the hot actions to do from there.

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