Marketers can’t be liars

if you lie God will punish you Twelve years ago I did some school English teaching part of coop training. I saw a ten years old kid showed a frowning face after his teacher lied to him about his reading. The kid finished reading then teacher told him "thats great" the kid smiled and joy … متابعة القراءة Marketers can’t be liars

Why The Social Hub of Excellence

The social hub of excellence is the operation center for brands to excel in social. I have looked at couple of proposals for social media and community management in different settings; from local and multinational agencies servicing in Saudi Arabia. What was apparently not present for such offerings was the post (content calendar and ideas … متابعة القراءة Why The Social Hub of Excellence

LOVE stays Technology Dies

With the rise of the marketers sudden interest in people! The 1000% focus on conversation and storytelling theories on the social web, the chaos is on WHAT not WHY. Brands focus more on what systems and content publishing solution more than the resulting outcome and human social engagement. In different marketing venues inside organizations we … متابعة القراءة LOVE stays Technology Dies

Marketers are spammers by Law

In different workshops and casual settings here in Saudi,I have discussed this idea of " Stop Spamming and do real communication in your varied marketing efforts, traditional and digital". Now CITC (Communications and Information technology Commission ) has clearly announced that continuing this practice will make you a criminal by law! this is the official … متابعة القراءة Marketers are spammers by Law

You need customer’s permission

My first time reading this book was in 2003 and after few years I had to buy it again, but as an audio book. At that time I used to work two different jobs at the same time and one of them was mainly selling online website services and this book helped us coin our … متابعة القراءة You need customer’s permission

Why Building Trust is Key for Success

In Fall 2010 it was immense for me to consume a lot of social media marketing advice, as I wanted to be clear on many thoughts I had,  around why do things need to be done this or that way in day to day operations in personal and business digital marketing use. What was changing … متابعة القراءة Why Building Trust is Key for Success

Digital marketing workshop and training for students and professionals

I have had the chance to engage in delivering a couple of training courses and digital marketing workshops here in Saudi Arabia. I have delivered those for students and professionals from different industries. The most common questions I receive during which, are around the following topics: 1- What's hot? 2- How can I keep up with … متابعة القراءة Digital marketing workshop and training for students and professionals

The engaged Marketers’ book

A repeated scene...I feel good that I have just finished this book - it is  not just some engaging book , but the engaging book as I see it. If you are a true believer that the social communication and the new media forms are the biggest shift in the human communication history , then … متابعة القراءة The engaged Marketers’ book

Brands listen to a girl on Twitter

Earlier today I got mentioned from a fake account in Twitter, with a link to a hoax content, affiliates or whatever it might be . what inspired me the most is the way this account profile looked. it says " Extreme explorer. Zombie trailblazer. Social media fanatic. Music nerd. Passionate introvert. Proud internet evangelist. Prone … متابعة القراءة Brands listen to a girl on Twitter

I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing

Since Summer 2001 till today May 29th 2013 I have stood in front of more than 50 interviewers and have conducted about the same number of interviews for candidates of different backgrounds... What I have found is that there is a pattern for the recent ones in marketing...let's look at that.. Every Saudi marketing student … متابعة القراءة I am looking for an awesome job in Marketing